Friday, July 28, 2006

Small Penis Erection Problem

“What about?” she asked. Her big brown eyes were glittery from the wine she had been drinking.

Barb tingled from excitement as she felt Kenny's eyes caress her supple body. She was proud of her body and felt nothing shameful about momentarily basking in the gaze of this young male, even if it was her nephew. "Like I said earlier, it's nothing I haven't seen before. Also, you didn't seem to have any problems looking down my shirt at the picnic. Now, lay back on the bed," Barb commanded.

She patted the edge of the bed indicating where she wanted me to sit. When I sat down on the bed she went to her knees between my legs and ran her smooth hands back and forth across my thighs before circling her fingers around my pulsing cock. She stroked me slowly and began orally bathing my balls. I leaned back with my arms behind me for support and watched this goddess bring me pleasure. After the thorough bathing, she licked up the bottom of my shaft and rapidly flicked her tongue under the head causing me to shut my eyes and moan immensely. I loved her hot breath on my slick shaft. Then she slowly took all of me in her mouth and gently sucked and rubbed her tongue against me as bobbed slowly but increasing her pace.

"What a SHITHEAD," he declared as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders trying to comfort me. Overcome with fear and humiliation I buried my face in his chest and began to cry.

I finished in the shower after bringing myself to another orgasm. I got dried off and dressed, and finished getting ready. I was already thinking that maybe Lisa and I could have a little session and that made me hot just thinking about it. I wore a tight skirt, low cut blouse, and lingerie designed to give just enough support so that my ample breasts peeked out just enough to drive any sane man (or one horny woman) crazy.

"Believe me," Carol said, "it isn't always going to be picture perfect. Especially at your age. But that's okay, just remember go at your own speed and do what you enjoy."

My body broke out in a heap of sweat, trying to fight the urge of cumming early. Reese started beating my cock with her tits. Swaying them around with my big pulsing cock in between. Her breasts were very slippery now from her sweat. Her big nipples were rubbing up and down my thighs, and I began having orgasm after orgasm after orgasms. I began cumming all over Reese's big beautiful breasts.

Sir was hard for so long waiting for me to change I could feel his cock start to pulse I swallowed what I could of his cock then I felt his balls tighten then his load came filling my mouth.

Richard did not really want any wine, but still, it did come with the room, so he said, "sure, go ahead and open it up."

"Mmm, you look delicious."

Jeannie chimed in, “With big boobs and an ample ass that you love.”

"Perhaps, but that's a different kind of cheating."

Food had become an erotic adventure.

Q. Does it excite me? Her having an affair? ’ve read all those stories about that very thing.

I arched my hips up against her hand and felt her fingers probing my pussy through my wet panties. I was wild, squirming and whimpering into her throat as my hips rhythmically ground themselves against her pressing fingers. She kissed me deeply again, slowly this time, and I felt her fingers pushing aside my soggy panties to find the wet clit and hole within.

"I think she likes it," Chelsea teases. I'm coming around, I think I like her too, now. "I... think... so...mmmm." Hearing me moan, Ric pushes Chelsea up against the floor to ceiling window, her bare ass pressed against the glass. Dick in hand, he also drops to suckle her clit as he strokes himself.

We'll have to go downstairs then," I said. "This is your study."

I decided to sit down in the tub. I lay down in the tub and turned the shower off. The water was running at full stream. I scooted down as far as I could towards the hot streaming water. I spread my legs and raised them as high as I could , so that the water was rushing directly into my pussy. The water was so hot and soothing. It was washing against my clit and stimulating it. I lay there with the water shooting into my cunt as I played with my tits. I lifted myself up so that I was as close as possible to the water and began to move back and forth with the flow…I was coming! I was fucking myself with the hard running water and imagining my friend watching me…I had to cum…I put my cunt directly onto the faucet and made myself cum. As I was finishing my orgasm, I turned over and while on my hands and knees, lifted my ass high into the air and placed it at the faucet. Oh my…mmmmmm…the feeling of the rushing water, gushing over my asshole and over my sensitive twat…made me cum again.


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