Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sexy Muscular Men Pornography

"Love me?" he whispers, almost purrs in my ear. I grunt... but he knows I do... he knows me inside and out.

"Definitely like that bitch. Like to fuck that pussy." Spencer said and laughed.

Mom finished putting the towels down, walked to the TV to get the remote then backed up to me and sat down on my crotch with her ass firmly pressed against my dick. She wiggled around until my erection was snuggly pressed between the cheeks of her ass then she started sliding back and forth going up and down the length of my dick. Once she had my dick where she wanted it she leaned back, grabbed both my hands and put them on her tits. She used her hands to guide the amount pressure she wanted on her tits and nipples. I willingly complied. Mom then reached for one of the two glasses of water then slowly drank them down as she laid back against my body with my panty covered dick wedged between the panty covered cheeks of her ass.

I follow your voice to the other side of the room. There's just enough light to see the large pieces of furniture. You're sitting in a big overstuffed chair, but I can't make out your features. There's a soft pillow on the floor between your legs.

It was many minutes before Karen let up and allowed Dee time to come down. "Bloody untie me" I shouted from the end of the bed, it was Dee who very slowly got to her feet and walking a little unsteady came over and released my hands. I jump over the end of the bed and pushed Karen onto her back, grabbing one leg in each hand I lifted them above her head and rammed my aching cock into her very wet cunt. "Go on fuck her hard, fill her cunt full of spunk" came words of encouragement for Dee (not as I needed any after watching the too of them).

Cordy stopped her long conversation and turned towards Buffy. The whole time Cordy hadn't noticed a thing, she was too busy talking about herself. She had almost forgotten Buffy was there.

He tuned into the flush of her skin, the sound of her breathing, and her slightest movement. His thrusting matched the motion of her body. She floated away into a special world where only he could send her. He felt as if his soul was rushing to his cock, swelling it in a rapt desire to explode into her, completing the joining of them, making them one.

“Yes she knew that”, as she put it, “She a chip off the old block”.

She planned what to plant in a few weeks when the weather was warmer, and wondered what sort of flowers would grow out here in the hot, dry summers. The weather here in Colorado was the complete opposite of what she'd been used to all her life on the east coast. There was rarely rain, but when it did rain, it did it in a big way, causing mudslides and fantastically beautiful electrical storms. The nights were usually clear and extremely cold from lack of cloud cover. She doubted she'd lie awake many nights too sticky with humidity to fall asleep. She hoped her allergies would abate too, without so many kinds of trees and weeds to set it off.

“Looks like we’re in for a rough night,” mother commented.

She stood up and began to pull her skirt up to her waist. I was convinced. "Stop, we will do this later." She stopped and pulled her skirt down.

"I do trust you, I'm just being silly, I guess. You know how much I've always wanted this, but somehow…" Then I bravely asked you what you had in the bag.

"Oh this is nice," said Bill as the three of us entered the room.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Jackie said, voice rising.

There was me Dave and Jim mouths open staring at the most beautiful totally shaven pussy. "I'm that randy I could take all three of you" came a voice from behind a lifted skirt. Dee-Dee dropped her skirt and proceeded to pull her red top off over her head to revile her black bra. "Didn't forget the bra then" I said, "with tits this big, I would black my eyes without it" came the answer back. Dee-Dee reached around her back to undo her bra and let loose her large white tits when she stopped. "You lot going to stay dressed all night?" It took 10 seconds for the three of us to discard all our clothes. We must have looked a sight three guys standing side by side with three rock hard cocks sticking out in front. After removing the last of her clothing and removing the cups form the kitchen table Dee-Dee climbed onto the table and laid back.

"Lizzie...I'm married to your sister." He keeps protesting but he kept pushing his dick to my willing hands.

I watched my slave as she rubbed her clit. Her need was strong and she was soon ready to cum.

After this I started to slowly walk away from their room. I then realized that I had cum inside of my swimming trunks.

"Coming! Oh, God! I'm coming!" Lisa cried, her body writhing, as Miss Conklin's mouth worked on her.